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Welcome to the 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

Every March people start and run contests at their office or with their friends to see who can do the best job of picking the winners of the games played in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Before any games are played in the tournament everybody makes their best guess as to who will win each game in the tournament from the very first game played all the way down to National Champion.

Points are given for every correct pick, with points increasing as the tournament goes on.  The tournament is played in "rounds" with each team playing once per round. Those teams that win their game proceed to the next round. Losing teams are eliminated.

The NCAA Tournament starts off with the First Four, the lowest four at-large qualifying teams and the lowest four automatic bid (conference champion) teams. The four games are held to determine which four teams will assume a place amongst the teams participating in the Round of 64. Each round halves the number of  teams. The tournament is a single-elimination competition -- if a team loses any game they are gone. With 64 teams entered there are 6 rounds needed to determine that National Champion.

Good Luck to All!

The entry fee this year will be 10.00.

Payouts will be as follows:

1st Place: 60 %
2nd Place 30 %
3rd Place 10 %
Last Place 10.00

You will receive points for each correct game winner you choose. The number of points will be calculated as follows:

First Four Win: 0 Pts
1st Round Win: 1 Pt
2nd Round Win: 2 Pts
Sweet 16 Win: 4 Pts
Elite 8 Win: 8 Pts
Final 4 Win: 16 Pts
Pick Champion: 32 Pts

Underdog Scoring

If you correctly pick the underdog (higher seeded team) over a lower seeded team you earn bonus points as follows:

First Four Underdog Win: 0 Pts
1st Round Underdog Win: 1 Pt
2nd Round Underdog Win: 2 Pts
Sweet 16 Underdog Win: 3 Pts
Elite 8 Underdog Win: 4 Pts
Final 4 Underdog Win: 5 Pts
Finals Underdog Win: 6 Pts

So if you correctly pick a number 15 seed team to beat a number 2 seed team  in Round 1 you will earn 1 point for the win and 1 point for picking the underdog.  Total 2 points for that win!

The winners of last years pool were:

1st Place Steven L 113 Pts
2nd Place Vinny C2 111 Pts
3rd Place GWL94 125 Pts
Last Place Jennifer  67 Pts

* - Decided by TIE BREAKER! 

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated! 

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